Leaders in Training (LIT) Program

As Santa Clara University's outdoors club we strive to create a community of individuals passionate about outdoor activities, sustaining the natural world, and going Into The Wild.

Thank you for applying this Spring quarter!!

If you didn’t make the team, we encourage you to re-apply!

We will have two more application periods next year, one at the end of Fall Quarter 2019 and one at the end of Winter Quarter 2020. 


We are looking for leaders who…

  • Are dedicated to sharing the outdoors with the Santa Clara community

  • Show previous leadership and outdoor activity experience

  • Have been on at least one ITW trip

  • Show commitment to building community and interacting with a diverse group of students

  • Maintain a balance between school and extracurricular activities (minimum GPA of 2.5)

  • Desire to innovate and make changes for the future of Into The Wild

  • Are willing to commit significant time and energy in schedule towards Into The Wild

  • Have experience working on team

  • Is a current SCU student enrolled with at least six quarters remaining at the university

  • Have a willingness to learn and enthusiasm for the WILD!

Roles and responsibilities

  • Complete quarter-long Leader-In-Training (LIT) Course (minimum 4 hours per week)

  • Attend weekly leadership team meetings and quarterly leadership retreats (team meetings are Monday nights from 6-7PM)

  • Attend the quarterly leadership retreats

  • Create and lead outdoor trips for the student body with fellow ITW leaders

  • Assist with administrative and outreach roles, including weekly mandatory tabling for trip sign-ups

  • Work with team members to plan and lead a minimum of one overnight trip and one day trip per quarter

  • Complete mandatory Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder training course (costs covered by the club! A really good deal!)

  • Understand mission and values of Into The Wild to pass on to future generations

Break-down of the application Process:

  • 1. Application Goes Live

  • 2. Applications due online by noon!

  • 3. Applicants informed about group interviews

  • 4. Group interviews

  • 5. Individual interviews

  • 6. Interviewees informed of decision! Welcome to the team!!!

please notE

Due to club policy we only accept applications from First Years and Sophomores. We are not accepting Sophomores who are planning on going abroad Fall of your Junior year. If you are not selected, apply again next year! Many leaders have done two (or more) rounds of the application process- it’s competitive, but so worth it.

If you have any questions about the applications please email us at intothewild@scu.edu, come by the office in lower Benson, or come by our table outside of Benson!