Our Mission

Into the Wild is Santa Clara University's outdoors organization dedicated to providing students, faculty, and staff with affordable, sober, and educational opportunities to explore and learn about the beautiful wilderness of California and beyond. Into the Wild strives to provide trips available to all ability levels while committing itself to leadership and sustainability education on campus.

Bronco - noun - A Wild horse of western North America.
— Merriam Webster

What We Do

  • We lead at least one overnight and one day trip for at least 10 weekends, every quarter.
  • Our trips vary from day hikes and car camping to backpacking, rafting, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing.  
  • We offer gear rentals: sleeping bags, sleeping pads, headlamps, backpacks, sporks, cups, plates. 
  • We have about 1,000+ undergraduate and graduate participants attend our trips each year.
  • Our spring break trips typically include the Grand Canyon, Utah Canyon Country, Zion, Backcountry Skiing, Big Sur, and Channel Islands. 
Big Sur Backpacking, 2014

Big Sur Backpacking, 2014